About Us


Consistent, Committed, Credible and Creative

Mission Statement: Legend Properties brings together cash buyers and sellers to facilitate the transfer of properties in a manner advantageous to both parties. Using creative methods, we generate relationships with investors and sellers by offering feasible solutions to distressed home owners. We utilize our resources in the market to expedite the process of selling a property to a cash buyer so that sellers can be stress- free. In doing our honest work, we aspire to help cash buyers and sellers meet their goals, helping all to a higher quality of life.
We at Legend Properties are committed to excellence and believe in operating at the highest integrity. We do not tolerate dishonesty and will not be part of a system to cut corners. Focusing on creating relationship and not solely transactions, we provide high quality service to our clients. Our fundamental belief is hard work pays off and our focus is to create and offer solutions to clients that put them in an ideal position. We base our business on our creative measures and honesty so our clients can feel comfortable and depend on us to help them achieve their financial goals.

Services provided to our clients:

  • Purchasing properties from motivated sellers with CASH so there are no obstacles in closing.
  • Finding properties for cash buyers based on their criteria and geographic location.
  • CREATING (not finding) off-market inventory for our VIP clients.
  • Providing a win/win situation for both cash buyers and sellers.
  • Utilizing tools to enable the best resources in the market to help client needs.
  • Following up with clients to ensure favorable results are achieved. We never leave our clients hanging in the middle of a process.